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The Tinubu Slide

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The Tinubu Slide is a revamp of the original Tinubu, an easy and relaxed slipper allowing you to turn down the notch without having to sacrifice style for comfort.

Upper; Aso Oke weave (100% cotton)
Insole and lining; 100% Nigerian Goat skin leather

This item is made to order especially for you in SHEKUDO’s small scale workshop. This delicate process takes time and we expect to deliver the item to you towards the end of October.

Our Aso-Oke is made from 100% cotton. If the Aso-Oke becomes dirty, add warm water and a little bit of liquid soap to a soft sponge and wipe in the direction of the weave (horizontally). Be gentle when wiping tassels if you have them on your shoe or bag as they can fray.
Pat with a dry towel. For best results treat stains immediately as the longer the stain sits in the fabric, the more difficult it will be to remove. Never store shoes or bags with stains.

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