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Awa'Tori's e-Commerce Concept

Sustainable, Exclusive, and Interactive, also known as SEI or 生 in Japanese


Production: At Awa'Tori, we prioritize sustainable production practices to combat fashion waste. To achieve this, we've integrated the Virtual Trunk Show and made-to-order (受注生産) models, ensuring items are only produced after an order is placed. This strategy cuts down on excess inventory and waste. Similarly, many of the designers we partner with are committed to sustainable fashion production and processes. 
As part of our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, we make bulk orders from our designers to reduce the amount of carbon footprints from the different African nations to our facility in Japan, to our customers across Japan.
Packaging: We're dedicated to reducing unnecessary packaging and consistently aim to utilize recycled materials. From the bulk packaging of orders from our designers to the use of recycled paper in our local packaging in Japan. Our packaging approach reflects our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.


Awa'Tori is the exclusive destination in Japan to discover African brands that authentically represent the essence of African fashion. We curate a diverse selection of brands that showcase the rich and unique styles originating from various regions of Africa.
As an Awa'Tori customer, you gain exclusive access to capsule collections and specially crafted pieces designed specifically for our valued clientele. These exclusive offerings are tailored to meet the discerning tastes and preferences of our customers, ensuring a truly exceptional shopping experience.
Additionally, Awa'Tori is the sole platform where you can find dynamic collections resulting from collaborations between African and Japanese designers. These limited-edition collections exemplify the fusion of cultural influences, presenting fashion that transcends boundaries and celebrates the diversity of both regions.


At Awa'Tori, we believe in fostering an interactive shopping experience that allows customers to engage with and be a part of the designer's creative journey. Through our platforms, customers have the unique opportunity to connect with designers and gain insights into their creative process.
We offer a smooth, interactive buying experience that allows customers to effortlessly browse and acquire products. By fostering active dialogue with customers and influencers—who share their insights and experiences with our designers’ products, the intricacies of production, and even their interactions with our designers—we seamlessly bridge the gap between creators and consumers. This synergy cultivates a vibrant ecosystem that promotes collaboration and enriching exchanges.
Join us at Awa'Tori and immerse yourself in a sustainable, exclusive, and interactive shopping experience that brings together the vibrant worlds of African and Japanese fashion.

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