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HER Story by Awa'Tori

Their Stories

The founders of Awa'Tori tell the stories of African Female Designers.

Bukky Adejobi, Co-Founder and CEO
Seiko Mbako, Co-Founder and President

The concept of the Awa'Tori e-commerce platform launch is a revolutionary reinterpretation of Fashion Week. Instead of the traditional model where Fashion Week primarily serves as a marketing avenue, Awa'Tori is turning it into a sales avenue, enabling direct pre-orders through its e-commerce platform. This model not only enhances the interactive aspect of Fashion Week but also promotes sustainability by reducing fashion waste through made-to-order processes.

The launch is centered around the concept of Sustainable, Exclusive, and Interactive. By featuring a line-up of talented female designers from Africa, the launch embraces diversity and female empowerment, while promoting sustainable fashion systems.

The Virtual Trunk Show concept enhances the interactive aspect of the launch. Customers can experience the designers' creative journey and pre-order the collections, contributing to a more sustainable and waste-free fashion industry. 

This launch event embodies Awa'Tori's mission to bridge the gap between the African and Japanese creative industries, fostering cultural exchange, and enriching both regions through this pioneering approach to e-commerce.

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