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Eyiwaa Agyekumhene


KAYADUA is a Ghana-based sustainable fashion brand, focused on sustaining the traditional cloth making in Kumasi, Ashanti Region through collaboration with weavers and skilled embroidery artisans, paying fair wages, recycling, and the empowerment of the girl child by partnering with organizations that provide training and skills acquisition programs. 
Henrietta Eyiwaa Agyekumhene, the founder of KAYADUA, is the last born of 3 children on her mother's side and the 6th out of 9 children on her father's side. She grew up and went to school in Kumasi to the tertiary level where she studied Integrated Rural Arts, fiber, and fabrics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Her mom passed away when she was around age 7 and she had to stay with her grandmothers, which is where she got her interest in fashion from. With this interest kindled, she got the opportunity to start her own fashion brand, KAYADUA, in 2018, starting with accessories and going into clothing in 2021. Starting with a neckpiece followed by two bags, all hand woven and integrated with wooden boards crafted by a group of skilled craftsmen. With a positive market response, we moved into the USA, had a collaboration with Bassike in Australia, and are now moving to Japan.
Growing up in Kumasi, Eyiwaa witnessed the talent and skills of the weavers who used traditional dyeing in cloth-making techniques. In Ntonso in the Ashanti region she got the opportunity to work with the local weavers and embroiderers. Loving quality and how things turned out long-term, has always been one of the drivers for Eyiwaa during design. Seeing how the traditional techniques are slowly going extinct as modernization continues to set in moves her. The visibility for traditions is not there and the people like Eyiwaa who are in touch with both the traditional and modern world are building the resources to create a solid link between them. Eyiwaa seeks to be the bridge between the community of weavers, cloth makers, and the modern world through KAYADUA. 

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